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Police Reform, Ramarley Graham,

and The Right to Know Act


In the wake of a number of killings of unarmed black men, organizations galvanized around policing reform efforts have proposed the "Right to Know" act. If enacted as legislation, the bill would have protected New Yorkers from unconstitutional stops by law enforcement. Despite an ongoing national conversation around police reform, the bill has been accepted as a mere agreement, which poses issues of its own.

Ramadan: My First Iftar


Ramadan takes place during the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, and is observed by Muslims worldwide as a month of fasting (called Sawm) to commemorate the first revelation of the Quran to Muhammad, according to Islamic belief.



Bike Thief


So this one is personal, and it still smarts.

If you happen to see her, give me a buzz. Die bike thieves!



Berning in the Bronx


Brooklyn-born presidential candidate Bernie Sanders brought his campaign to the South Bronx two weeks ahead of New York State's democratic primary. We took the opportunity to meet locals and ask if they we're "Feeling the Bern" or just burned out on broken promises.

Build It Back


Miss Pam and her family have been living in Coney Island for more than 5 decades and they have weathered their share of storms. Nothing prepared them, or their close knit community for Hurricane Sandy or its aftermath, a one-two punch of natural and a man-made disaster. 

DACA Recipients Travel to Mexico

w/ Fears on Being Allowed Back into the U.S.


"Imagine, you've done everything right your entire life. studied hard, worked hard...only to suddenly face the threat of deportation to a country that you know nothing about." The immigration laws of the United States have a murky and convoluted past. With the passing of the Dream Act, it was thought that these fears

would be put to rest.

Worldstar Hip Hop


World Star Hip Hop is a website that welcomes about 2 million unique visitors every day and is something of a clearing house for wild camera phone videos featuring teenage fights. Hip hop media pioneer Ralph McDaniel gave me the long view on profiteering in the name of hip hop.



On this installment of B. Vines its time to face your fears about NYC's original hustlers. Rats are the prototypical New Yorkers reminding us that something wild always persists. Dragging pizza down subway stairs or popping up in toilets, feared, revered, petted or poisoned NYC’s rats have a hell of a story. 

Bed Bugs


Everything You Always Wanted To Know About Bedbugs But We're Too Grossed Out To Ask. Sleepless nights, social stigma, blood thirsty parasites! From the initial discovery, to the disposal of my mattress, visits from the exterminator and a final walk through with Archie, the bed bug sniffing dog, it’s a look at what happens after you discover your body is a wonderland and bed bug buffet.

Paris Attacks, Let's Hash It Out


A "Green Room Rant" about apathy, activism,

and compassion in the face of terror. 

Polyamory: Part 1 


Real estate and relationships collide at an intentional community in Brooklyn, bringing sex positive individuals, many of whom identify as polyamorous, under one roof.

Polyamory: Part 2

Hacienda Villa, and cameras have never been allowed past the front door until now, giving BRIC -TV's, BVines an exclusive look inside Bushwick's polyamorous compound.

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