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Eliza Factor, Creator of Extreme Kids & Crew, and author of "Strange Beauty," explores her son Felix's use of language, and the way in which it differs from her own. Felix lives with mobility issues, and is prone to doing acts of self harm, but Eliza's memoir helps to recreate Felix’s energy and show off his depths beyond being differently abled.

Reporter Roundtable w/ Kadia Goba of Kings County Politics

How will Nicole Malliotakis position herself if she becomes the GOP candidate for mayor? How's the race for Brooklyn DA shaping up? And what will become of the iconic Watchtower sign that peers across the water at Manhattan?

Creators & Cast Member of BRIC TV's New Breakout Comedy, Brooklynification 

Brooklynification is a hilarious new series meant for anyone who’s ever navigated the unique challenges and pleasures of life in diverse, energetic, maddening Brooklyn, NY. It all centers in a brownstone in a rapidly gentrifying neighborhood.

GMHC CEO Kelsey Louie Speaks

Since the 1980's , there have been significant advancements in prevention and treatment for HIV/AIDS, but numbers for newly affected patients are still not controlled, and the medical community has not yet found a cure for the disease. So, are we there yet? Is the work of organizations like the Gay Men's Health Crisis complete? CEO Kelsey Louis answers this and other important questions related to the LGBTQ Community at-large. 

Writer, Journalist & Culture Critic Toure Talks the War on Drugs, Hip-Hop, and More

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He's co-hosted a cable news show, authored several books, written for Rolling Stone, Playboy, and the New York Times among other publications -- but it's his 140 character missives that have been getting him the most attention as of late. Trump twitter beef aside, Toure has deftly chronicled popular and political culture his entire career, and came by BK Live to share his observations on everything from the war on drugs to hip-hop music, to Prince.

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