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reSISTER: Race, Identity & the Women's Movement


The Women’s March on Washington kicked off this year with one of the largest mobilizations in American history. It was a powerful and visual show of force, bringing to light the groundwork laid forth by so many around women’s rights AND defining a moment to organize around the work that is still to be done.

The People, The Press & The President


The government is declaring war on the press and the press is fighting to uphold the journalistic freedom necessary for democracy to function. Genuine news media outlets are discredited at every turn while fake news -- the real fake news -- gains influence. It’s no wonder that public trust in the media is at an unprecedented low.

How Can We Break the Pattern of Segregation in NYC Schools? 


New York City has a school segregation problem. It’s more segregated today than it was 30 years ago. And it’s not only racial segregation, it’s also economic. The concentration of poverty in our schools creates a never-ending cycle that goes beyond the classroom. And as Brooklyn continues to gentrify, the school divide is only getting worse.

Big Money & Politics


It was hard for me to get a grasp on this one but once I made the connection it was like seeing the Matrix for the first time. You may not see how other peoples money is controlling our political process but I dare you to click this one and not make the connection.

Cops & Community: Innovations Around Policing Town Hall


The killings of unarmed black civilians by the police have sparked a nationwide conversation around race and police violence. What innovations are underway that can help us think differently about the role of law enforcement in our society?

Youth Violence


When a video of girls fighting in a Brooklyn McDonald's blew up the internet the team at BRIC got together young people from across the borough and invited them to #BHeard. Watching these young people claim their power was inspiring.

Brooklyn District Attorney Candidates' Forum


Brooklyn District Attorney Candidates Ama Dwimoh, Marc Fliedner, Anne Swern, Councilman Vincent Gentile and Acting Brooklyn DA Eric Gonzalez squared off in a forum centering

on criminal justice reform. 

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